25 years of effective
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We are a digital content provider created by GWO – one of the leading educational publishers in Poland. Yellow Dot was created to operate in international markets. Our products take advantage of 25 years of experience of our mother company.

The team

The team is made up of 40 members – experienced editors, graphic designers and developers. We follow the dynamic changes in education by constantly keeping in touch with educators working in schools. This is how we ensure that our applications are up-to-date, satisfying the expectations of teachers and pupils.

Our content

Our content has been compiled by experienced educators and textbook editors. Its quality is the effect of efforts undertaken over a 3-year period by a group of professionals devoted to teaching.

Used by 500 000 pupils

in over 4000 schools

25 years
of experience

Expert resources
that make a difference

Using 20 years of experience in educational publishing of our mother company - GWO, Yellow Dot has been creating high-quality applications that have been used by over 100 000 pupils and about 70% of math teachers in Poland.

The quality of these resources, especially the online applications, has been endorsed by the results which Poland recently achieved in the latest PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) report. The performance of Polish students in mathematics has recently improved drastically, placing Poland in the very forefront of countries with highest mathematical skills.

In 2012 assessment, Poland’s mean score was 518 points, which is statistically indistinguishable from the results of Finnish, German or Estonian students, who are the best students in mathematics in the European Union. In comparison to 2009 results, Polish students’ score improved by over 20 mean points. Such improvement has not been seen in any other European country.

There can be observed a direct correlation between the increase of YD&GWO market share and the influence of their resources on the quality of mathematics education in Poland. As the PISA results show, with the expansion of YD&GWO presence in the Polish educational market, students’ results in mathematics started to improve significantly.