• Eye-hand


    coordination training

  • Logical thinking

    Logical thinking

    development of kids 3-5

  • Discovering rewards

    Discovering rewards

    in every activity

  • Recreating the sequence

    Recreating the sequence

    of color blocks to discover drawings

  • Attention focus

    Attention focus

    ability improvement

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Domi Domi Blocks

Domi Domi Blocks is an educational app for kids aged 3-5, aimed to train logical thinking. Children follow color patterns and discover hidden pictures together with the cute characters. Beautiful artwork and fun sounds guide the child through 40 different activities. Domi Domi Blocks helps develop eye-hand coordination and spatial orientation. The creation of the app was supervised by experienced early years educators.

Designed for Android and iOS devices.

The app supports the development of:

  • pattern & color recognition
  • eye-hand coordination
  • deduction skills
  • touch typing skills
  • mnemonic skills
  • attention focus ability
  • musical skills

Key features:

  • several difficulty levels
  • 8 cute characters
  • experimenting with sounds within one octave range
  • rewards in every activity


  • Children’s Technology Review - Editor's Choice Award

CTR's Editor's Choice Award are given to only the highest quality children’s products in the interactive media category. These are “no fail” products, worthy of their cost, and able to keep children engaged for days at a time.
Read full review: www.childrenstech.com

  • Teachers with Apps

Domi Domi Blocks will keep preschoolers happily busy for hours while also laying foundations for visual motor integration, auditory memory and sequencing, and executive functioning skills needed for self-regulation and attention.
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  • Common Sense Graphite

Attractive graphics and a simple premise will appeal to young kids who must pay close attention to the pattern in the sample grid, orient themselves spatially within the grids, and coordinate and match colors in the correct order.
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  • Appy smarts

Simple illustrations and animations. Humor and fun factor. Good or hand-eye coordination practice. No distractions.
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