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Domi Domi Numbers - new app for toddlers available now!

Domi Domi Numbers – new educational app supporting the development of number understanding and counting skills in preschoolers is now available on AppStore.

Two scarves for the freezing bunnies, four shells for the curious crabs, six apples for the hard-working ants… Help Domi Domi pack gifts for creature friends, visit them and see how happy they get!

March 31, 2016 – Yellow Dot, developer of educational applications for kids, has released Domi Domi Numbers, the third app in the widely recognized Domi Domi series. Designed for kids aged 2-4, this early learning app combines playtime with preschool practice of numeracy skills foundations.

Children help pack Domi Domi’s bag and set off to one of the 5 adventure locations. On the way, they count along as they tap each of the packed objects, review the counting sequence and learn a number. To apply the number and quantity recognition skill, children assist the cute creatures’ friends and earn colorful badges.

“My kids started to count more consciously after playing Domi Domi Numbers, not skipping numbers in counting sequence as they used to,” says John, father of twins who were testing the app. “They are very excited to recognize the numbers in various everyday life situations.”

The app, created under the supervision of experienced early years educators, provides enjoyable learning and practice of counting from 1 to 10. Children train number and quantity recognition, counting sequence and number tracing. Parents can set the voice narration to one of the six available languages and can also adjust the difficulty level.

Device requirements
* iOS devices compatible
* requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 53.9 MB

Availability and pricing
Domi Domi Numbers is available world-wide and can be purchased for $2.99 (USD). The development of new parts of Domi Domi series is in progress.

About the publisher
Yellow Dot is a service provider of online and mobile interactive resources.

To find more information about Domi Domi Numbers, visit http://yellow-dot.eu/resources/numbers