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Unconventional memory app for toddlers - Domi Domi Memo Match

Memory app for toddlers that promotes bonding through play is now available on iOS devices.

Can a toddler genuinely outplay an adult in a game? Play Domi Domi Memo Match with your child and see for yourself!

November 16, 2017 – a new early learning app Domi Domi Memo Match is now available on the App Store. This memory pairs app supports up to 4 players so that toddlers can train their memory while bonding with caretakers, siblings or friends. Unlike regular memory pairs app, Domi Domi Memo Match offers unconventional pairs to play with - halves of pictures, animals and their favorite food, objects and their shapes.

“Memo games are one of the very few games in which a 3-year-old can genuinely beat an adult, with both of them having honest fun at the same time.” – says John, father of twins, co-author of Domi Domi Memo Match. “Our pairs matching app supports memory development and it also promotes family bonding.”

Domi Domi Memo Match was created by Yellow Dot - a group of educational game designers and developers, who are parents and experienced early years educators. Domi Domi is an early learning series with Domi Domi Blocks that was picked as App Store Editors Choice and Domi Domi Nature Shapes that has been consistently featured in the “Under 5” category in Japanese App Store.

Device requirements
* iOS devices compatible
* requires iOS 7 or later
* 128 MB

Availability and pricing
Domi Domi Memo Match is available world-wide and can be purchased for $2.99 (USD).

To find more information about Domi Domi Memo Match, visit http://yellow-dot.eu/resources/memomatch