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Domi Domi Baby Flashcards

Domi Domi Baby Flashcards is an educational app series for kids 2-4 years old. Children learn new words and start to associate pictures with their names. They can also hear the name of each picture pronounced in other languages.

Domi Domi has been created by a group of educational game designers and developers, who are parents and experienced early years educators. The app was playtested by toddlers.

Designed for iOS devices.

With Domi Domi Baby Flashcards children:

  • get motivated to say their first words
  • expand their vocabulary
  • train ‘sight words’ reading
  • get prepared to learn another language

Key features:

  • 3 types of play: ‘Discover’, ‘Guess’ and ‘Watch’
  • 5 fully voiced languages: English, French, Japanese, Russian, Polish

Domi Domi Baby Flashcards:

  • Animals: domestic animals, wildlife, underwater, insects, birds
  • At Home: kitchen, bathroom, garden, toys, room
  • People: jobs, sports, parts of the body, emotions, things to wear
  • Food: food, drinks, fruit, vegetables
  • Machines, devices and tools: vehicles, instruments, electronics, tools
  • Shapes, letters and colors: shapes, letters, numbers, colors, icons

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