• Engaging path-finding

    Engaging path-finding

    puzzle app

  • Logical deduction

    Logical deduction


  • High-quality



  • Hours of fun

    Hours of fun

    for everyone

  • Visual intuition

    Visual intuition


  • Current

GOAT – Logic

GOAT – Logic is a path-finding puzzle app that trains visual intuition and logical deduction. In every level of the app there is a grid representing a field with scattered items of litter. To complete a level, user must make the goat eat all the grass and items in the field by drawing a continuous path of carrots which lure the goat to pass through the cells. The goat can’t mow up the same cell twice and it stops after eating the last item of litter, so the route has to be planned carefully!

Designed for iOS devices.


  • high-quality design
  • different graphics in each world
  • amusing characters


  • hours of great fun for every fan of puzzle games (regardless of age)
  • over 200 levels of different difficulty
  • Facebook integration

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