• Graphomotor skills

    Graphomotor skills


  • For pupils with various

    For pupils with various

    educational needs

  • Touch-typing



  • Ages 4-9

    Ages 4-9

    or SEN

  • Eye-hand coordination

    Eye-hand coordination


  • Current


ages 4-9

voice instructions

40 exercises

ICT TIME mouse

19 cross-curricular online activities designed to improve child’s eye-hand coordination and to train perceptiveness, memory and logical thinking. Voice instructions, pacing and the focus area of this program, makes it also an excellent solution for children with special educational needs.

The application is designed for PC and interactive whiteboard use.

ICT TIME keyboard

ICT TIME keyboard offers over 21 online activities facilitating child’s touch typing practice. Children learn typing letters (‘practice’ and ’time challenge’ modes), words, phrases and whole sentences. Animated characters’ comments are a great motivator for children. The application also contains an educational touch typing game called Typebugs.

The application is designed for PC.

Group Statistics

Group Statistics is available with ICT TIME mouse and ICT TIME keyboard. Using this module, the teacher can keep track of students’ progress on a real-time basis. They can also set homework, revision or test, assigning chosen topics or exercises.


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