• Numeracy skills practice

    Numeracy skills practice

    in everyday situations

  • Ages



  • Spatial orientation

    Spatial orientation


  • Logical thinking

    Logical thinking


  • Simple addition

    Simple addition

    and subtraction

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Mathmico offers 60 online activities designed to develop and train child’s numeracy skills. The activities provide children with a colorful and interactive environment. To make the challenge more fun, the application is hosted by two very likable main characters – Math and Mico, who engage children in every activity.

The application is designed for PC and interactive whiteboard use.

60 exercises

voice instructions

ages 5-9

Mathmico content

  • number recognition and reading
  • adding and subtracting numbers up to 10 and up to 100
  • simple multiplication and division
  • telling time and use of calendar
  • weight and length measurement
  • recognizing and classifying objects and geometrical figures by shape and colour

Group Statistics

With Group Statistics module, the teacher can keep track of students’ progress on a real-time basis. They can also set homework, revision or test, assigning chosen topics or exercises.


To find out more and to access free demo go to: www.mathmico.com