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Domi Domi Memo Match

A memory game with an innovative approach – children train their memory looking for classic identical pictures, but they also discover and match halves of pictures, pair creatures with their shapes or find animals' favorite food.

Domi Domi has been created by a group of educational game designers and developers, who are parents and experienced early years educators. The app was playtested by toddlers.

Designed for iOS devices.

5 types of pairing:

  • classic - find identical pairs
  • two halves - match pairs of left and right halves of the same picture
  • shapes - look for objects and their shapes
  • symmetry - match pairs of symmetric pictures
  • association - pair animals with their food

Key features:

  • single and multiplayer modes (up to 4 players)
  • 8 categories
  • 120 objects
  • increasing difficulty: 2x4, 3x4, 5x4, progress “reset” button in Parent Zone


  • app enfant

Ce type de jeu est à destination des plus jeunes qu’il faut accompagner dans leur moment d’écran, jouer avec papa, maman ou l’adulte référent du moment, c’est tellement plus rigolo !
Read full review: www.app-enfant.fr.com

app enfant

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