• Addictive


    path-finding app

  • No age

    No age


  • 100


    brain-engaging levels

  • Logical


    deduction training

  • Visual intuition

    Visual intuition


  • Current


Scribologic is an addictive path-finding puzzle app in which a user gets a graph paper sheet, partly filled in with pen. The goal is to scribble in all of the remaining blank squares of paper in a single, continuous line. The path must go through all available ink drops and end on one of them. There is no backtracking, so the route has to be planned carefully! As a bonus food for thought, after each level an inspiring and witty quote of a famous person is revealed.

Designed for Android and iOS devices.

Key features:

  • 100 brain-engaging levels
  • different difficulty stages to keep the challenge up
  • hours of fun for every fan of puzzle games
  • no age limits
  • bonus – witty quotes of famous people
  • visual intuition development
  • logical deduction training

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